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Bafna Marble & Granite is a trusted seller of Travertine sourced directly from renowned quarries all over the world.

Travertine is a variety of limestone with linear striations. Increasing the appeal of your home and office manifold, the stone is quite popularly used in construction. There are a lot of creative as well as luxurious ways in which you can employ the stone in your home decor plan.

Travertine guarantees one of those appealing finishes to swear by. One of the most popular choices for home decor, Travertine is a multi-purpose decor stone. Tickle your brain to come up with the best ideas for using Travertine throughout your home and office interiors. Regardless of how the stone is used, it looks super appealing and beautiful.

Be it the bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes, Travertine can be an ideal choice. Not only can it grace your outdoor pool deck, but also be an ideal pick as travertine tiles to beautify your home and office. In case you believe that travertine is only for floors, you must think again!

We, at Bafna Marble & Granite, make sure that you get the best quality of stone at a price that enhances the beauty of your home. Our premium collection of Travertine sourced directly from the best quarries of the world, is carefully curated.

Every slab or tile of Travertine that reaches our clients passes through various tests, processes, and filters.

Our selection of Travertine tiles and slabs is quite rigid. Being a market leader and a renowned seller of Travertine and other fine stones, we make sure to bring you only those designs that have proven successful in commercial and residential applications for years.