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Exquisite Rocks
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Who Are We?

Bafna Marble & Granite is a rising star in the field of imported Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Quartzite. We are a team of professionals with multi-decade experience, dedicated to bringing
you the best of Marble. Travertine, Onyx and Quartzite from around the world.

Founded more than three decades ago, in 1988, we at Bafna Marble & Granite aim to set a benchmark in the Marble, Travertine and other fine stones industry so as to re-introduce people to the lost glory of these wonderful pieces of decor.g

Humble Beginnings

The perfect mix of state-of-the-art technologies and processes that Bafna today has, is a result of untiring efforts of a lot of years.

While Bafna Marble & Granite has been in the trade for decades now, a few years ago we conceived the idea to bring the world’s best and the finest marble and travertine for our premium clientele.

The commitment to bring the finest and best stones for your décor took us to various parts of the world and we spent a significant amount of time walking through the finest quarries and other sources to create alliances, sourcing arrangements with the best and yet cost-conscious models.

Today as we stand with a name well established in the market for quality, uniqueness and latest designs, we are proud of the fact that this has not been achieved overnight. The outcome is backed with years of hard work, business tie-ups and is powered by the latest technical innovations.

If sourcing stones is an art, we are artists! Our operational practices have been continuously improvised and matured over the years to bring the best to our customers from all around the world. The aim is to provide our clientele with precious possessions that match their style, stature and décor. Quality is the key – at Bafna!

Why Bafna?


We are of utmost concern about the requirement of our clients and to ensure that we along with our client stand strong enough that it becomes hard to be broken. This strength can also be observed in our products to stand strong and beautiful.


The products supplied by us are well process and delivered that they are durable enough to be used for any application or clients’ requirements. The durability of the product is ensured while processing the product for any client or customer.


We can easily provide a wide range of marbles and natural stones of various features like smooth finish, soft-touch, elegant design and many more. The required shape, size, thickness, and other parameters can be met as per your specific requirement.

About Us

Bafna Marble & Granite is a renowned name in the world of imported Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Quartzite. Since its inception in 1988, the company has stayed true to its promise of perfection.

Bafna Marble & Granite has been and still is one of the biggest stockists in Gujarat with a huge, unique, and premium collection. A leading seller and market leader, unique designs and premium quality coupled with customer satisfaction are at the very heart of our processing.

At Bafna, we believe in providing our clients with quality-oriented products and designs that are rare and unique. We ensure that the material selected is handpicked from various premium quarries of the world. On-time delivery along with post-sale suggestion and services to the clients are some of the added perks of availing our services.

Bafna is a market leader when it comes to Marble and other fine stones. A leading seller, we are a professional importer of various stones from all around the world. We import from approximately 35 countries all over the world with Italy, Turkey, Iran, Portugal, Greece, and Vietnam being the prominent ones.

Our collection is a rich storehouse of quality stones with unique and rare designs that stand out.

Bafna currently supplies all over India. Well-known villas, resorts, high-end bungalows, sample houses of premium builders of India are a few amongst our trusted clients.

Currently operating from Gujarat, Bafna soon plans to expand its reach to neighbouring regions with exclusive showrooms and stockyards to serve closer to you and offer more options for you to choose from.

We, at Bafna Marble & Granite, believe that nurturing customer relationships is as crucial as scrutinizing the product. Impeccable customer management skills coupled with a never-say-die attitude, we stand apart!

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