Exquisite Rocks Defining Sovereign


If you want to give an amazing natural stone look to the interiors of your homes and offices, Quartzite is the choice for you. A great alternative to granite, Quartzite stands out because of its dense material and the marble like finish.

The best part about Quartzite is its durability. Even if you expose the material to acidic foods, the stone doesn’t etch and keep enriching the beauty of your interior decor for years.

A natural metamorphic rock, generally transformed from sandstone, Quartzite is a popular home decor option. It comes with long-lasting durability and a sophisticated look.

A sugary grain appearance instinctively adding to the visual appeal of the house, Quartzite slabs have an X factor of their own.

Quartzite is available in distinct hues. There is something for everyone! Right from neutral shades of grey, beige, and white, Quartzite comes in a lot of varieties. Does not matter what kind of decor you choose to go for, Quartzite won’t disappoint you.

If you are someone looking for a unique look, Quartzite can be a perfect pick. Consider using green or blue-tinted Quartzite slabs to decorate your home with a colourful appearance.

When it comes to looks and longevity, Quartzite hardly has a match. Looking for a chic and elegant home with durable materials? Invest in Quartzite stone slabs!

Bafna Marble & Granite is a professional provider of high-quality Quartzite sourced directly from the finest quarries of the world.

Handpicked for our premium clientele, the designs and finish are something to adore. Our collection of Quartzite is carefully-curated with only a particular aesthetic and grade of material making the cut.