Exquisite Rocks Defining Sovereign


We, at Bafna Marble & Granite, strongly advocate the idea that every piece of stone has a story to tell. Every stone has a legacy of undergoing various natural processes and transformations spanning millions of years. Every stone has a natural sense attached to it. Precisely this is the reason that we handpick stones directly from various quarries throughout the world to bring the best to our clientele.

Marble is quite a popular, classic architectural material. Marble is used for a variety of decor and design purposes while constructing almost any sort of building. From countertops to building facades, marble is used quite a lot.

Although marble is not exactly a low-cost material, a little investment can go a long way when it comes to ensuring the best for your home.
Marble undoubtedly is a fan favourite among people and architects for home design. Quite a versatile stone, no wonder it is a top choice for quite a lot of design and decor purposes. While we all are familiar with the usage of marble for countertops, there are plenty of other ways as well in which you can incorporate the stone into your dream home.

Dealing with Bafna, you don’t need to worry about the quality of Marble being sourced as we believe in quarrying our curated selection of marble tile and slabs both domestically and internationally. We always make sure to source premium grade, classic Marble subjected to a thorough inspection process.

We have nurtured trusted relationships with a lot of popular quarry managers so that we can source the best. It is this trusted relationship with the stone’s origin and heritage that allows us to constantly bring the best of stones to you from approximately 35 countries all over the world with Italy, Turkey, Iran, Portugal, Greece, and Vietnam being the prominent ones.